Debat: hoe kan de muziekindustrie samenwerken met ISP’s?

Music WeekKomende zondag zal tijdens de Midem in Cannes een debat plaatsvinden over het  vraagstuk: “hoe kan de muziekindustrie samenwerken met ISP’s?”. Bekijk hier het report van het Engelse MusicTank.

MusicTank Chairman Keith Harris will introduce Sunday morning’s Big Issue Debate: “How Can Music & ISPs work Together?” with a short summary of conclusions from MusicTank’s recent Let’s Sell Recorded Music!

Kicked off by UK Music CEO Feargal Sharkey in London in October and concluded in December with UK Culture Minister Andy Burnham, the series discussed the opportunities and barriers to providing consumers with compelling legal alternatives to unlicensed filesharing. Over the course of four events we reviewed what people wanted, where technology is heading, what the most plausible new models are and how new music services might best be licensed.

The key to the series was the bringing together of representatives from the music business, the ISP and telecoms industry, technology companies and government; no mean feat given the sensitivities involved and at a time when at least two of the UK’s biggest ISPs are finalising their own music store rollouts.

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