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A demo version or demo of a song (shortened from the word “demonstration”) is one recorded for reference rather than for release. A demo is a way for musicians to approximate their ideas on tape or disc, and provide an example of those ideas to record labels, producers or other artists. Souce: Wikipedia – Demo Music.

Please find below the demos of the project ‘Randomatik’ in which I am involved. Feel free to listen to these demos and leave your comments on SoundCloud or just below.

randomatik[random];  proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern; without definite aim, purpose, method, or adherence to a prior arrangement; in a haphazard way; fortuitous…

[atik];  turkish for: the ability to move quickly and easily…

[randomatik];  the ability to move quickly and easily whilst proceeding, making or occurring without regularity, definite aim, purpose, method or adherence to a prior arrangement; thus in a haphazard way or; fortuitous…..;)

Randomatik is a music and multi-media project. The group was founded by Laurens Kagenaar (aka Lau) & Maarten Bousie (aka Dan Sanders), with a variety of artists alongside them. The name is based on two basic elements, ‘Random’ and ‘Automatic’. Random refers to daily life in general as well as to the project’s musical direction, being completely versatile. Randomatik therefore perfectly reflects the gang’s look upon life and music, being a random yet automatic process. Or was it the other way around?

Thinking outside the box of nowadays’ expectations is the main drive behind the project. Despite maintaining firm roots in the 4/4 electronic dance music scene, Lau and Dan by no means wish to restrict themselves to certain aesthetic boundries. Listeners can expect a wide variety of styles on the debut album ‘Best of Randomatik’. Three singles are expected to see the light of day in 2009.

The first album’s music has been put together over the past couple of years and can best be described as a colorful blend of a wide range of musical styles. Not content with only working on intriguing instrumental experiments, the Randomatik crew teamed up with a wide variety of befriended vocalists, like I-Repeat (Beef), Lilian Viera (Zuco 103), Michael ‘Rollarock’ Parkinson, Big Boy Caprice, Lyrical Roy, Senna Gourdou, Rock-attack Ten, Warren Morris and McInnes.

Randomatik’s live performances can be expected to be different each and every time. Based on strong musical ingredients the idea is to be as versatile as possible in mixing them together. DJ & Live sets will showcase a different blend of the recognizable musical and visual elements each and every time. Performances will constantly feature different artists.

Bio Lau

LauHailing from Haarlem in Holland (born in 1975), Laurens Kagenaar played violin in his early youth, but eventually was more interested in electronic instruments such as synthesizers and drum computers, as well as painting. After elementary and secondary at the Rudolf Steiner school in Haarlem, from age 4 to 18, and receiving piano and music theory lessons from teacher Tony Nahar, he had the honor of being admitted to the institute for Sonology at the The Hague Royal Conservatory.

Around this time he was also being heavily influenced by hiphop music and the improvisational and harmonic explorations in jazz music. He started to play vintage keyboards in bands and with artists like Poodle Naked, GUTT (winner of the hiphop Grand Dutch Price1996) Postmen and E-life. Most of these projects were about blending and recycling various musical styles. After having studied at the Institute for Sonology for six years, he graduated with a Bachelor degree in 1998 followed by a Masters degree in 2000. He was taught and influenced by the likes of Kees Tazelaar, Paul Berg, Konrad Boehmer, Richard Barrett, Clarence Barlow, Joel Ryan and Jan Boerman, to name but a few.

During his studies he concentrated on tape music composition and electronic live performance, but apart from that also studied classical music theory, jazz theory and counterpoint. After these studies he composed two pieces for ’The fund for creating tone-art’. Through the years he has been working for and in cooperation with various artists. These activities included composition, arranging, sound design, co-productional work, programming, live performance and consultancy.

Bio Dan Sanders

photo-426Born in Leiden in 1965, Dan moved from place to place throughout the western part of Holland in his formative years. However, music was his passion from a very young age. He therefore started practicing playing the flute, which was the start of an interesting virtuoso experiment. It unfortunately lasted only 12 lessons – done that, time for something new!

Many years later he was to become inspired by the birth of electronic music in it’s widest variety, taking his first steps into DJing, followed by music production. This music began to shape his life, allowing him to play some truly memorable gigs, cool underground parties, find interesting tunes, start Fun Force, T.O.F. and Soundsjop, and see the world into the bargain.

It was in the 90s that Dan stepped up his game, getting a full-time position in the industry. Starting out as the mail boy at Combined Forces HQ he rapidly developed his talents, quickly scooping the position of Head of International Licensing. This allowed Dan to learn the mechanics of the scene. This is where he met Sander Kleinenberg, which resulted in them teaming up to start Little Mountain Recordings, a truly respected and renowned underground label globally. Dan’s position of label manager has again presented this conscientious Dutchman with a genuinely fresh and exciting challenge in the fast-paced music biz and the ever-changing music markets.

2009 sees the long-awaited launch of Dan and Laurens Kagenaar (aka Lau) new music production team, Randomatik. The idea to set up a music and multi-media cross platform was concieved some time ago, one that would take a new concept of musical approach in all it’s thinkable forms. The future looks bright – watch out for Randomatik!


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