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About Denis Doeland

Denis Doeland helps organizations grow their digital power. These are the rights and non-physical resources consisting of digital connections and contextual data, which give a company a competitive advantage in the market, which represents a financial value by optimizing and accelerating current and future cash flows.

The application of new technology should lead to more efficient and effective processes for each organization, the development of new services and products, revenue growth and capital appreciation. If you as an organization are able to provide insight into the three core elements (force, power and potential) of digital assets, the digital change process will become clear to people in an organization: there is a clear direction for digital change.

Applicable method

The method is applicable in all kinds of industries: Balr., Kakhiel, Rumag, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren, Dj Sam Feldt, Spinnin ‘Records, ID&T, New York Times, NPO, Talpa, Voetbal International, Touzani, KLM, NRC, Neymar, Top Notch and Paradiso are some examples where the method have been unleashed.

In order to get started with the digital change, it is important to realize that this change consists of three fundamental core elements. Power: the quantifiable part of the own ecosystem over time. In other words, how does your organization perform with the competition within the digital playing field. Power: the ability of the organization to realize the goals and objectives that apply within the digital playing field. Potential: expressing the digital assets of a company in results (and financially). There are two basic principles for the change: reducing the complexity and realizing “the new simplicity”.

It is Denis his mission to provide insights, help to set the right digital course and let organizations grow in the digital landscape. 

Denis his virtual assistant Anna explains the publication Digital Assets


In his 18-year stint at ID&T since 1992, Denis Doeland is occupied with the online activities and exploitation of intellectual property of ID&T, Q-Dance and Sensation. He created the base of ID&T’s digital strategy which led to a new valuation of the company.

Since May 2011 he focuses on the many aspects of intellectual property and technology to create business added value for sports, media and entertainment organisations.

Denis can be best described in the following words: Author, Blogger, Business & Industry Hacker, Disruptor, Maven, Numerati, Speaker and Transformer.


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Denis his virtual assistant Anna explains EDM and the Digital Domain

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As for the digital domain, Denis currently assists companies and organizations to engage internet and social media in order to meet with the new expectations of fans, clients, employees and other parties involved. In The Netherlands, he is leading in the field of using and implementing technology, internet and social media in businesses organisations. These days, he operates as a consultant and supplies advice, analyses, keynotes, lectures, trainings, social media and internet monitoring.

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