Presentation ACG Holland

The Digital Trend: Blockchain. The value of the company depends on the context of data.

Denis Doeland is a digital expert who started his career in the music industry at the record label Bad Vibes where the first music activities of ID&T began.

During the 18 years that he worked for ID&T his focus was on intellectual property and online activities. In 2011 he started as an entrepreneur further developing his focus in the world of intellectual property and technology.

The digital domain is an ecosystem that connects numerous sub-ecosystems: online communities of end-users, developers, suppliers, distributors and many more. They use each other’s strengths; complement and boost one another in order to jointly create value for other end-users. This is the basis of the digital economy, of which the contemporary creative industry – and therefore the entertainment industry – is an integral part.

Attention is the new currency and data is the new gold. In his books EDM and the Digital Domain and in, Denis maps out a strategy on how to make the transformation from the old analogue to the new digital business model.  He shows the increasing importance of data sources and linked applications, which when converted into digital media value and direct transactions (such as ticket and merchandise sales, paid-for music downloads and streamed music), can be included in the corporate valuation.

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