Column: The result of the DJ Mag Top 100 2015

The fact that Armin van Buuren tops the list with the most dangerous searches has been clear since yesterday. Naturally another list is compiled annually as well. We are talking about the DJ Mag Top 100, the list which is critically discussed every year and is viewed suspiciously by many due to its non-transparent nature. What will be the result of the DJ Mag Top 100 2015? Is this result still representative and relevant?


Votes are all important in getting a place in the upper echelons of the DJ Mag Top 100. DJs try to mobilize their followers en masse to vote via their sites or social media channels. Offline the DJ’s entire teams hit the streets or campaign at events in order to recruit votes using iPads. Acquiring votes for the annual list is reminiscent of a political campaign.


Voting for a DJ for the DJ Mag Top 100 can be seen as research on the basis of assisted fame. Assisted research is: respondents are presented with a list of names, and asked if they know them. There is also spontaneous research. Spontaneous research is: the respondents name names themselves, whereby the top-of-mind level of notoriety is also assessed. Spontaneous research could take place via social media, for example.

DJ’s mentioned in relation to DJ Mag Top 100 2015


The following image exists when Twitter is included in the parameters to determine the result. Looking at the amount of times that a DJ is named in relation to the DJ Mag Top 100, it is evident that Hardwell scores highest. For this, 18,099 tweets were measured in the period that votes can be cast. 10,882 people contributed to the conversation. Their messages contained ‘DJMagTop100’‘Top100DJs’ and/or ‘DJMagTop100vote’ in relation to a specific DJ. Based on Twitter alone, the results of the DJ Mag Top 2015 are as follows:

  1. Hardwell
  2. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  3. Nicky Romero

DJ’s mentioned in relation to DJ Mag Top 100 2015.002


Looking at other social channels a DJ like Martin Garrix is extremely successful. According to all figures he is currently the king of Instagram. He should be able to recruit votes easily enough, but one can also research the relation with the DJ Mag Top 100 by using this channel. When other parameters of other social channels are assessed it is evident that other DJs score well. In addition, the performances of DJs in the search engines could also be included. A mix of all these parameters to be weighed up against each other must ultimately be added to the received or gathered votes. This gives a better picture of which DJ is most relevant. If you deploy such a method on the results of the DJ Mag Top 100 for 2015, these could be:

  1. Hardwell
  2. Martin Garrix
  3. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike


You earn your reputation as a DJ by supplying significant content to contribute to the fan experience. This earns you notoriety and hopefully you will gain influence. There are legions of loyal and responsive followers on Twitter that function as brand advocates and ambassadors. They share your mission and aims with their followers. A DJ can create active and dedicated communities on Facebook where interaction inspires and leads to increased responses.

As a DJ you slowly derive your right to exist from the network that you have built up. In this day and age, DJs build enormous followings via social platforms. The advent of advanced tools allows them to manage their followers, and to build relations which lead to interactions and transactions. These are parameters which show in real life that you are relevant as a DJ.

After this year, the DJ Mag list in this form has probably– in view of its non-transparent nature – had its best days. As a DJ you must rather be busy with your digital network and digital life cycle. Are they set up effectively? Then you are relevant for fans and you have the right to exist. The position in the DJ Mag Top 100 – with its current measuring method – will then no longer matter.


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