Online Basics – 10 important things for the road

Your fans, customers or clients are online 24/7/365 and more accessible than ever. They are sharing personal data that will help you to get connected with them, close a sale, secure a contribution or even fund a new startup. The succes of individuals (like artists), brands, companies or organisations is a comprehensive internet strategy! Not just only a social media strategy but a comprehensive internet strategy which embraces the whole ecosystem of the internet.

Strategy decisions should me made on valuable insights. First try to understand how fans, customers or clients acces the internet, with which device, at which place and at which time.

Based on insights you need to begin to develop strategies on how you will use:

  • Web-apps = Your domain (Website/Blog)
  • Social Apps = Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other online communities …
  • Apps = Mobile applications
  • Open Apps = Your open structure through open API’s

Your strategy should be “fish where the fish are …” and “data is the new gold”. Please find below “Online Basics – 10 important things for the road”

View the presentation as a slideshow or download here the full document.

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