EDM en de Digitale Wereld

IMS 2017 – The end game of the dance industry

The digital domain is an ecosystem that connects numerous sub-ecosystems: online communities of end-users, developers, suppliers, distributors and many more. They use each otherโ€™s strengths; complement and boost one another in order to jointly create value for other end-users.

This is the basis of the digital economy, of which the contemporary creative industry โ€“ and therefore the dance industry โ€“ is an integral part. Attention is the new currency and data is the new gold. The end game of the dance industry will be a complete automated industry whereas contextual data, bots and blockchain are the key drivers.

Please find below the keynote deck of the International Music Summit 2017 – IMS2017 …

Download it here โ†’ย IMS2017 – Presentation – The end game of the dance industry

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