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In this publication (38 chapters in different parts) Digital Assets of Business and Industry Hacker Denis Doeland you will read how you as in individual and/or your organisation can be different and better in the digital ecosystem. Denis shares his insights regarding a number of organisations and interesting people in his network.

Denis his virtual assistant Anna explains the publication Digital Assets

Manual and framework

This publication is not only a manual for hacking your business, increasing your business value or making (your) innovations successful. The content of this publication (and the framework) helps you to better understand the (digital) world.

You will understand what goes wrong with marketing, communication and sales departments. Why someone is making a living with silly word jokes and speech bubbles. And how you can predict the (financial) value of data.

Of course you want to increase the value of your company and optimize your business. But an understanding of the (digital) world around you is also worth something. This publication is not only a framework for new insights, but also provide your new roadmap for yourself and your organization in the digital world.

Do you want to optimally use the force, power and potential of yourself or your organisation in the digital world today?

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This publication is the compilation of all practical tips, theoretical reflections and blog posts that Business and Industry Hacker Denis Doeland has published before; in fact, you’re reading a large how-to article, a number of best practices and the substantiation for this.

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Part I — Benchmark

If you no longer know where and how you start, then you also do not know where you can end up if you turn it on. This does not only apply to athletes, but also (and perhaps especially) to companies that are starting their digital transformation. The benchmark is therefore the start of your digital transformation. In this part you learn about the latest developments in the field of digital and marketing, so that you understand what is happening around you at the moment.

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Part II — Framework

Now that you understand why the world has changed a lot lately, it’s time to adapt your organization to this new reality. Using examples — from Spinnin ’Records to Neymar — tools are provided to“ hack ”your business. Discover why data is the new gold. You also learn that every company needs a digital network of fans or customers and that a framework lets you build and maintain such a network.

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Part III — Acceleration

As soon as the digital transformation has been started, you will notice that existing and new revenue models are developing faster. From Kakhiel to KLM and from Armin van Buuren to The New York Times: these examples show you how to turn data into a revenue model. You do not have to follow the example of these leading companies. However, if you do not opt ​​for an acceleration, you fall behind competitors who dare to transform.

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Part IV — Endgame

Marketing and communication ultimately becomes a process that requires as little human effort as possible. Robotization, artificial intelligence and bots will take over the work from us. This requires context in data and better decisions. It sounds like a distant future, but it is not: in a while you can increase the digital capacity of your organization thanks to automation. Top DJs Hardwell and Sam Feldt are taking the first steps in this otherwise relatively unexplored territory: they show you what the endgame will look like.

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Innovation is a must, that is clear. Igor Beuker does not waste time with this in the beginning of this publication: “The problem is that we all look at the ROI (return on investment, editor) of innovation and we conclude that we don’t know. I flip it and say: what would it cost if you stay put and do nothing?” His answer is: it would cost you your complete business. In other words: adjust, otherwise you will be out of business. While I do not always agree with Igor, I completely agree with him in this case. Let’s get to it. Towards the new simplicity!

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